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Bingo Contest

Coverall Bingo has been called!   Thank you for playing our Bingo game!  I appreciate everyone taking time out of their very busy days to visit our website.  Thank you for your business!  We appreciate each and every one of you 🙂    

11-13 Monday        O-64

11-14 Tuesday        G-50

11-15 Wednesday   N-39

11-16 Thursday       I-24

11-17 Friday            B-2

11-20 Monday        B-15

11-21 Tuesday        N-34

11-22 Wednesday  G-58

11-23 Thursday      I-29       HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

11-24 Friday           O-66

11-27 Monday        O-67

11-28 Tuesday       G-54       Regular Bingo has been called by Monica @ Aaron Buhl’s Allstate office!

11-29 Wednesday O-68

11-30 Thursday     N-40

12-1   Friday           I-16

12-4  Monday         O-72

12-5  Tuesday         B-6        4 Corner Bingo has been called by Joe @ Dan Conville’s Nationwide office and 

                                              Jennifer from Jill Brumbaugh’s Allstate Agency

12-6 Wednesday    G-59

12-7 Thursday        I-20

12-8 Friday              G-56

12-11 Monday          O-71

12-12 Tuesday         B-4

12-13 Wednesday   N-42

12-14 Thursday       G-60

12-15  Friday            O-70 & N 32       Bonus number –  TGIF!!

12-18 Monday         I-30

12-19 Tuesday         B-10

12-20 Wednesday   B-3  & G-46       Bonus number – It’s hump day!

12-21  Thursday      G-49 & B-5

12-22 Friday          N-33  &  O-61  &  B-11                 To me, more bingo for you!!

12-26 Tuesday       B-9

12-27 Wednesday G-52           X bingo has been called by Casey @ Richard Veri Insurance

12-28 Thursday    O-63

12-29 Friday          O-65 

1-1     Monday        B-7              Wishing all of you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

1-2    Tuesday        I-23

1-3   Wednesday  O-75             Looking for Coverall Bingo!  Good Luck

1-4   Thursday     N-31

1-5   Friday            G-48

1-8  Monday          B-1

1-9  Tuesday         N-41 & N-35

1-10 Wednesday  N-45 & I-17

1-11 Thursday      I-26

1-12  Friday          O-69 & I-28       Stay warm and safe tonight and tomorrow 🙂

1-15 Monday        B-8 & N-38

1-16 Tuesday      B-12 & G-53

1-17 Wednesday  I-25 & O-74

1-18  Thursday   G-55

1-19  Friday       I-21 & N-36

1-22 Monday    O-73 & I-22

1-23 Tuesday    N-37                     Coverall  Bingo has been called by Emily @ CW Howard Insurance Agency!

ATTENTION ALL BINGO PLAYERS!!!    ONE WINNER PER PRIZE!  First person to reach me by E-mail or phone! 

lori.jeannette@pauldavis.com  or call 724-714-3579.  GOOD LUCK TO ALL! 



Thank you for your support!!  Remember Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of Western PA is here for you!  We service the Beaver, Butler, Lawrence and Mercer Counties of Western PA.  We are never closed!!  Call Paul at 724-758-6540!  You will get a call back as soon as that message is received by our office.                                                                                    

Lori Jeannette

Director of Business Development