Repairing Mold and Mildew Damage in Aliquippa, PA

When most people think of emergencies, severe weather and fires often be common scenarios. Unfortunately, emergencies can come from your own house. If your house or business in Aliquippa forms sewage troubles, neglecting it can create a home for disease and disaster. Whether it’s a simple bathroom clog or a severely overflowing toilet, coming in contact with any kind of sewage water is hazardous. When you encounter this problem, don’t try to fix it yourself. Contact the Paul Davis Emergency Services to sterilize the mess properly.

Hazards of Sewage Backup

Sewage overflow is disgusting, but that isn’t the only reason to avoid it. Disease-ridden gray and black water can flow into your drinking water during big and small overflows. The same disease in sewers can develop in clean, but standing water. For instance, Hepatitis A, E. Coli are just samples of the illnesses living in sewer water.

Black water rises from past the toilet trap and typically contains or has met with human refuse. Usually black water has remained static for long enough to foster the growth of pathogens. Black water can also be found in natural water sources. Talk to the Paul Davis Emergency specialists now if you have a black water spill in your home or business.

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Talk to Paul today if you come across a sewage leak. Our experts are highly trained in treating hazardous substances. Talk to our Aliquippa, PA branch with any questions you might have. Don’t wait to remove the leak. Call us today to prevent contamination in your house or business.