Getting Your House Ready for a Hurricane – Storm Damage Prevention

Damages generated from hurricanes can be destructive for your residence. The extreme weather conditions can impair any residence like smash windows, separate roofs and uproot trees. Your residence is also exposed to water damage and flooding from the heavy rains. Nevertheless, there are preventative measures you can take to secure your home from heavy weather conditions. Follow the guidelines below to make sure you, your family and your property is safeguarded from a hurricane and to avoid extreme storm damage restoration.

Essential Approaches in Hurricane Precautions

  • Garage Door – To avoid any extreme storm damage restorations, your garage door should be one of the first things to take care. Most of the garage doors in residential neighborhoods aren’t installed to fight hurricane conditions, so it’s important to buy a support kit. By supporting your garage door, you’ll have defense against the winds that generate a positive push in your space. This is critical since the winds that develop outside will cause a negative pull above your garage. When this occurs, you’ll get a push-pull scenario which puts a lot of pressure on your roof and garage. Supporting your garage door with braces is the most efficient approach to avoid major damage. However, if don’t have the time to install the garage door kit, you can use your automobile to support your garage door.
  • Windows and Doors – Doors and windows are another entrance for a storm to create chaos. Defective windows will allow wind and rain to move through your home, and this can lead to water damage problems. When a storm is imminent, make sure you lock and secure your windows. If you have storm shutters, ensure they are functioning and locked, but if you don’t have storm shutters, you can board up your windows to keep possible damage out of your house. Additionally, remember that using masking tape on your windows won’t do anything to defend them. Regarding your doors, lock the deadbolts or any other locking mechanisms to ensure they don’t fly open during heavy winds.
  • Roof – Examining your roof is vital before a hurricane passes through your location, and it can defend against property damage and provide you peace-of-mind. A great starting point is to locate damaged shingles and use some roofing cement to repair them. Afterward, check to see if there are exposed gaps where any wiring is entering in your home and seal them off. Small gaps may not seem like a problem, but sealing them off can prevent water from entering your property. You might want to consider getting hurricane straps to confirm your roof is fastened as well. Additionally, you’ll want to clear out your gutters so there’s good irrigation for the heavy rains.
  • Your Property – The outside of your property can be a number one risk when a hurricane hits your town. Items that aren’t weighed down or fastened to the ground could be lifted from the high wind and be hurled into your house and your neighbor’s as well. Make sure to move any garden accessories, children’s toys, patio furniture and BBQs to a location safe from the storm. One other thing you’ll want to do is remove any loose or dead limbs from your trees and shrubs.
  • Car – When you’re caught up in securing your residence from a hurricane, it’s easy to forget about your car. Make sure that your car is filled with gas, that your tires have good tread, the windows are sealed and that your windshield wipers are good. If you park your automobile on the street, you’ll want to check that you’re not parked under any trees or in a location that is vulnerable to flooding.

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