Repairing Mold and Mildew Damage in Ambridge, PA

Natural disasters and floods normally pop into mind when many people think of dangerous situations. However, other dangers can come from your own residence. Sewer backup is a common emergency that can worsen if untreated. Whether it’s a simple bathtub backup or a severely overflowing toilet, coming in contact with any kind of sewage water is dangerous. If you have this problem, avoid handling it alone. Contact the Paul Davis Emergency Services to remove the mess correctly.

Hazards of Sewage Backup

Sewer water is repulsive, but that’s not the only reason to stay away from it. Pathogen-carrying gray and black water can leak into your drinking water during big and small backups. Even usable water can develop pathogens in standing water. For example, Leptospirosis, E. Coli are a few of the diseases living in sewer water.

If the leak or backup is coming from the toilet trap or farther, it might contain black water that has touched unprocessed sewage. Usually black water has remained stagnant for a long enough time to encourage bacterial and viral growth. Black water can also be found in natural water sources. If you find a black water flood in your residence or office, contact the Paul Davis Emergency specialists without hesitation.

Ambridge Sanitation Experts

If you ever encounter a sewage backup in your home, contact Paul Davis Emergency Services. Our professionals are highly trained in neutralizing dangerous chemicals. We help the Ambridge area with quick responding help for sewer backups, flooding and mold removal. The longer you wait to treat water or sewer damage, the more intense the hazard will be. Contact us today!