Sewage Backup Removal in Beaver Falls, PA

When most folks think of dangerous situations, storms and floods may come to mind. But many dangers can start inside your own home. Sewage backup is a indoor problem that can become far worse if neglected. Even if the water flooding the area is safe, standing water attracts many types of diseases. Instead of risking your health, contact Paul Davis Emergency Services to handle it.

Why Get Professionals?

Sewage backup is gross, but that’s not the only reason to avoid it. Big and small backups can leak gray and black water into your home or even feed pathogens into your clean water. Even clean water sources can foster pathogens in standing water. Raw sewer water, for instance can carry E. Coli, Leptospirosis and other dangerous pathogens.

Black water rises from beyond the toilet trap and usually contains or has come in contact with solid refuse. Black water usually carries or has come in contact with solid refuse and remains stagnant enough to host serious pathogens. Black water may also be spotted in lake and river water. Talk to the Paul Davis Emergency specialists now if you experience a black water flood on your property.

Serving Beaver Falls, PA

Talk to Paul now if you see a sewer backup. Our experts are highly skilled in neutralizing dangerous chemicals. Call our branch in Beaver Falls with any questions you might have. Don’t wait to remove the leak. Talk to us now to prevent further damage to your house or commercial property.