Water Damage Tips

Water damage at home can come from several sources. No matter how it comes from, it can cause serious problems for the structure and stability inside. Wooden surfaces and drywall are particularly vulnerable to harboring mold and mildew if neglected after flood damage. If your property takes on water damage, call the specialists from Paul Davis.

Before Our Contractors Arrive

It can be tempting to try and fix the leak yourself. That said, it’s best to leave the job up to the specialists. However, there are some measures you can take before the restoration professionals arrive. You need to act quickly to save the possessions in your home from water damage.

First you need to evaluate the any hazards in your property. It’s common knowledge that water and electricity are a hazardous combination, so inspect the area for electrical hazards nearby before you act. Even when powered down, bare wiring or wet electronics can present a threat. We recommend cutting power to breakers and circuits to ensure total safety.

Salvaging Possessions and your Home

Water is a pervasive substance that can dampen every nook and cranny in your home. Move all your small items to deter increased water damage. Even, sturdy areas are best for airing out books, magazines and other paper materials. Small lamps, collectibles and additional tabletop items should also be removed. The big work begins when you’ve removed magazines and other small items.

To dry your home, use several fans. Remove water from wooden furniture and smaller surfaces. Though you may want to try, do not use a regular home vacuum cleaner to clean water. The average vacuum isn’t designed to suck up pools of water. If your furniture has been affected, use wooden and cement blocks to raise heavy chairs and sofas above the floor.

Water adds weight to surfaces, carpets, and fabrics. This additional weight makes rugs, leather goods and fur hard to lift. If you must remove a rug, lift with caution. Hang draperies, clothing and other fabrics away from the flooded area to dry thoroughly. Remember that water damage can affect these items permanently, so you might not be able to save them.

In serious flooding events, the additional water weight can affect the structural integrity of your property. Floors and ceilings can warp when they absorb too much water weight, it’s best to stay away from these areas.

Paul Davis Restoration

Paul Davis service masters know water damage. But with a little prep work from our customers, we can get to work right away. We know how to return your home back to normal efficiently and quickly. Our technicians are knowledgeable and have worked with severe, moderate and small amounts of water damage in all kinds of residential and business spaces. Additionally, Paul Davis works with your insurance company to settle your claims quickly, so you can get life back to normal.