Cleaning Services for Sewer in Ellwood City, PA

When most folks think about emergencies, storms and floods often be common scenarios. But many hazards can strike inside your own home. If your residence or company in Ellwood City, PA experiences sewage troubles, avoiding help for it can create a home for disease and disaster. Even if the water flooding the area appears clean, standing water invites many kinds of diseases. Instead of risking your health, contact Paul Davis Emergency Services to handle it.

Hazards of Sewage Backup

The nasty factor is not the sole reason to stay away from sewer water. Overflows of any size can bring gray and black water onto your property or even bleed disease into your drinking water. The same bacteria and viruses found in sewers can spawn in clean, but stagnant water. Raw sewage, for instance can carry E. Coli, Leptospirosis and many more dangerous pathogens.

Black water comes from beyond the toilet trap and usually contains or has come in contact with human refuse. Normally black water has stayed stagnant for long enough to encourage the growth of pathogens. Natural water sources may also contain black water. Contact the Paul Davis Emergency specialists immediately if you see a black water spill in your home or business.

Don’t Hesitate

Talk to Paul now if you see a sewage leak. With all our training, we know how to handle the dangerous substances in black and gray water safely. We help the Ellwood City area with fast emergency response for sewage, leaks and mold removal. The longer you wait to remove water or sewer damage, the more intense the issue will be. Talk to us today!