Cleaning Sewer Drains in Mars, PA

If most folks think of dangerous situations, severe weather and fires may come to mind. However, other dangers can come from your own home. If your house or commercial property in Mars experiences sewage troubles, neglecting it can foster disease and disaster. Even if the liquid spilling out looks clean, standing water carries different types of pathogens. If you encounter this issue, don’t try to fix it yourself. Call the Paul Davis Emergency Services to offer sewer cleaning services.

Paul Davis Professionals

The nasty factor isn’t the only reason to avoid sewage. Pathogen-carrying contaminated water can leak into your drinking water in some cases of backups. Even clean water sources can carry disease in stagnant water. For example, Hepatitis A, E. Coli are a few of the diseases found in sewer water.

Black water rises from beyond the toilet trap and usually contains or has come in contact with human refuse. Normally black water has stayed static for long enough to foster bacterial and viral growth. Natural water sources may also be contaminated by black water. Contact the Paul Davis Emergency experts now if you experience a black water leakage in your home or business.

Paul Davis Sewage Removal

If you ever experience a sewage backup at home, call Paul Davis Emergency Services. With all our training, we know how to deal with the hazardous chemicals in black and gray water correctly. We serve the Mars, PA area with quick responding help for sewer backups, leaks and mold removal. The longer you hesitate to treat water or sewer damage, the worse the issue will become. Talk to us today!