Water Damage at Home

Flood damage at home can come from a series of issues. If left unchecked, water damage can hurt the structure of your property. Porous surfaces like floors and walls are particularly vulnerable to fungal invasion after taking on water. If your property takes on water damage, call the specialists from Paul Davis.

Before Our Professionals Arrive

There are different things you can do before Paul Davis service masters arrive. To save everything at home from water damage, it’s crucial to act quickly.

Before acting, it is necessary to verify your property is safe to enter. Your property becomes an unsafe place when exposed to water and electricity combined. Power off the main breaker before entering your home. Even if they look safe, home appliances can deliver a powerful shock when touched by water.

Getting Started

Water is a persistent liquid that can seep into every nook and cranny in your house. Once your home is safe to enter, move all your possessions. Even, dry surfaces are best for airing out books, magazines and other paper materials. Lamps, collectibles and any other display items should also be removed. The cleaning can begin as soon as you’ve relocated paper material, small items and other damp materials.

Fans or air conditioning move air throughout your home and start drying the area. Soak up all minor puddles and sitting water with a wet mop or towels. Though you may want to try, never use a regular home vacuum to clean water. Incorrect use of these tools can be harmful to you and harm the vacuum. To avoid further water damage, use wooden or cement blocks to elevate heavy chairs away from the floor.

Water adds weight to surfaces, carpets, and fabrics. The extra weight makes fur, rugs and leather goods hard to lift. So if you must move a carpet, lift carefully. Hang clothing, draperies and other fabrics away from the flooded area to dry thoroughly. Keep in mind that water damage can affect these items permanently, so you may not be able to save them.

Your home’s foundation and floors aren’t impervious to water weight either. Because of this, avoid sinking ceilings or warped floors. These areas have likely absorbed the most water and could fall under weight.

Why Call Paul?

Water damage is easy for Paul Davis. And with a little prep work from our customers, the water damage will be removed more quickly. We will get your house back to normal efficiently and quickly. Our specialists are experienced and have worked with severe, moderate and small amounts of water damage in all kinds of home and business properties. Additionally, Paul Davis will work with your insurance company to settle your claims promptly, so you can return to normal.