Records & Film Recovery around New Brighton

Homes and businesses across New Brighton are vulnerable to floods, fires and other disasters. While the building structure are the first to be repaired, what do you salvage the photos and documents within? Many goods can be restored, but documents and photos like baby photos or contracts are different. Paul Davis Restoration has helped clients throughout the New Brighton area save their important documents and photos. With decades working in in photo recovery processes, Paul Davis Restoration of Western Pennsylvania revives business documents damaged by a disaster.

How Paul Davis Can Help

Paul Davis Restoration is a leader in photo restoration after floods, fires and other disasters. From our specialty facility equipped with advanced tools, we can restore your photos and documents in the days after a disaster. A few of the photos and documents we save include:

  • Files, Magazines, Screenplays
  • Archives, Special Collections
  • Audio and Video Tapes
  • Blueprints, Drawings, Maps, Plans
  • Microfiche, Microfilm
  • Film, Negatives, Photographs, Slides

Photo & Document Treatments

Paul Davis experts know that there are different treatments for different kinds of damage. For items exposed to water, we methods such as desiccant drying and molecular sieves created to revive paper materials like books, photos and documents. These treatments typically complete the job without more action needed. If your documents or photos are harmed by fire or smoke, Paul Davis Restoration of Western Pennsylvania implements advanced sanitation techniques like particulate removal sponges, ionized air washing or additional deodorization techniques.

In addition, we can remove alignment and matting problems in your art. Pictures that have been harmed in their frames will receive correction services by Paul Davis Restoration. We also include re-jacketing, de-acidification, document copying and imaging.

Get details from Paul Davis Restoration of Western Pennsylvania for Document & Photo Restoration

If your business or family is damaged by a flood or fire, it can be difficult to pick up the pieces. Paul Davis Restoration can sort, clean and salvage your photos and records so you can get your life back to normal again. Learn more about this and Paul Davis services with a call or click today.