Sewer Cleaning Services in Western PA, PA

Storms and floods typically pop into mind when many Western PA residents think of emergencies. However, emergencies can come from your own house. If your home or company in Western PA has sewage issues, avoiding help for it can foster disease and disaster. Even if the water flooding the area appears clean, stagnant water invites different types of diseases. If you encounter this problem, don’t try to fix it yourself. Call the Paul Davis Emergency Services to sterilize the mess properly.

Paul Davis Specialists

Sewer water is disgusting, but that’s not the only reason to remove it. Overflows of any size can leak gray and black water into your home or even feed disease into your drinking water. Even clean water sources can carry disease in stagnant water. For instance, Hepatitis A, E. Coli are just samples of the diseases living in sewer water.

Black water comes from past the toilet trap and usually contains or has met with solid refuse. Black water usually contains or has touched solid refuse and remains stagnant enough to host harmful bacteria and viruses. Black water may also be spotted in lake and river water. If you come across a black water leak at your house or storefront, contact the Paul Davis Emergency experts without hesitation.

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Speak with Paul today if you come across a sewage leak. Our professionals are highly skilled in treating hazardous substances. Reach our Western PA, PA branch with any questions you might have. The longer you hesitate to treat water or sewer damage, the more serious the issue will become. Call us today!