Water Damage Restoration Contractors for Western PA, PA

There are many factors that can cause water damage in your residence in Western PA, PA, and they can occur at a moment’s notice. Paul Davis is a damage specialist company that is available 24/7 in Western PA, PA, for high-quality water damage restoration services. Throughout the years, homeowners have trusted our professional workmanship when their home has succumbed to water damage. Our specialists are trained to handle the project and we produce quality results every time.

How Paul Davis Fixes Water Damage

Typical problems that lead to water damage stem from busted pipes, appliance malfunctions or overflowing fixtures such as sinks and toilets. When the wreckage is extensive, it’s critical for you to get a professional over for water damage cleanup services. Water is persistent and should be eliminated as soon as possible, and Paul Davis damage specialists can handle the leftover moisture to prevent mold growth.

Having an outfit like Paul Davis specializing in professional water damage remediation, you can count on these services:

  • Initial assessment
  • Water removal
  • Drying and dehumidifying
  • Sanitation and water damage restoration
  • Remediating mold and mildew growth
  • Floor and wall reconstruction
  • Assistance filing insurance claims

Water Damage Restoration Should Not Be Put Off

Wreckage from water can do much more than the physical ailments you see, like soaked floors or discolored walls and surfaces. Water damage is assigned a classification to discern the severity of it. Class 1 water damage includes clean water that is not hazardous to humans. Class 2 is a category of water damage, also known as gray water, and it deals with water that can cause illness because it contains microorganisms. Class 3 is contaminated due to bacteria and other harmful pathogens. This is known as black water. The emergency damage cleanup specialists with Paul Davis will advise you of what classification your water damage falls into. From there, they get to work taking care of the problems. Our comprehensive service means that we work meticulously until we finish the job. Our team begins by cleaning up the afflicted areas, removing what cannot be salvaged, mitigating and fixing any continuing hazards from the water damage and restoring your home as close as possible to its pre-damaged state.

Insurance Companies Rely on Paul Davis for Help with Water Damage

Paul Davis Restoration is your insurance company’s leading recommendation to get your property back in working order after the water damage you have recently faced. You may not know whom to trust after your property has been damaged. This is where Paul Davis comes in to help you with the next steps. Your first step is filing a claim with your insurance agency for restoration to your water damaged property. When the extent of the destruction has been evaluated, we then work directly with your insurance company to negotiate the cost of the repairs on your behalf. Your Paul Davis Restoration work is covered by your insurance provider, so there is nothing out-of-pocket that you’re responsible for. Our contractors in Western PA, PA, fulfills the request for work made after you file your claim with the company that insures your home.

Paul Davis of Paul Davis Restoration of Western Pennsylvania has been lucky to help many home and property owners throughout the area by following through with high-quality water damage remediation and restoration work, straightforward communication and a simple process. Since we have helped so many customers over the years, we know the distinct problems you face after your property has sustained water damage. By working with the insurance company to get your repair job started, we take care of the difficult aspects, so you can focus your energy elsewhere.

Call Us – Your Water Damage Restoration Pros Today

In the event that a mishap in your house causes disastrous water damage, you can turn to the professionals at Paul Davis Restoration. Residents in the Western PA, PA, region can call our water damage restoration company at (724) 758-6540 for emergency services.

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